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Use The FIG, Earn Rewards, Improve your Impact
Use The FIG, Earn Rewards, Improve your Impact

Sustainability Made Easy

The FIG is an online platform that helps you make a positive impact

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Use The FIG

Shop, learn, and engage in community discussion.

Earn Rewards

Collect points every time you use The FIG.

Improve your impact

Use your actions and your rewards to make a positive impact.

What can I use The FIG for?

Let's get you in the loop. Keep scrolling to learn what The FIG helps you do.

Shop ethical products

Our marketplace connects you to products from brands that share your values. Easily find products you love with the My FIG Values score. Spending $1 on The FIG earns you 8 points towards redeemable rewards.

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Expand your knowledge of sustainable living

Our Sustainability Secrets help you make choices that benefit our planet and improve your lifestyle. In other articles, discover ideas from leaders in the sustainability movement. Each article you read earns you 6 points towards redeemable rewards.

Start Learning
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Connect with others making the world a better place

Our community forum connects you with other people who are working to make a difference. Engaging with the forum and commenting on articles earns you 12 points towards redeemable rewards.

Get Connected
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Learn more about The FIG Rewards

There’s more! Offset your carbon footprint or earn store credit through our rewards program.

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