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Beyond Recycling: Things You Could Do to Be a Sustainable Superhero

Beyond Recycling: Things You Could Do to Be a Sustainable Superhero

When it comes to protecting our planet and our communities we care so deeply about, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes being sustainable can be expensive, time consuming and frankly - overwhelming. Looking online at “ways to be more sustainable” can leave you feeling unsure where to start as you look at the daunting journey ahead. However, there are so many unique ways to help combat the problems our environment faces that require simple measures in our everyday life. Here are just a couple of ways to get started:   

1. Use more of what you already have.

Instead of buying a new bamboo cutlery set for your purse, just grab a fork and spoon from your kitchen. If those bamboo cutlery kits are really calling your name though, then we’ve got you covered on our marketplace. However, you don’t have to have the hottest new merchandise to prove you’re environmentally-friendly. Using what you already have is an even better option. Instead of buying new mason jars, reuse the glass jars that your jam came in. It not only saves you money, but saves resources and energy as well. 

2. Don’t rip the paper wrapping off of gifts. 

You can use it again if you remove the wrapping paper carefully, and there’s nothing wrong with doing just that! You can also use canvas or cloth gift bags that can be used in many other ways. 

3. Re-use your used tea bags for an alternative purpose. 

Put your used tea bags in the fridge for a little bit and then you can place them on your eyes for a natural eye de-puffer. 

4. Repurpose your old t-shirt as a new wash rag. 

Remember that t-shirt you just had to buy at the concert you went to back in 2008 that doesn’t fit anymore? It might be time to repurpose it as your newest member of the dishrag family in your kitchen. 

5. Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot, and hang clothes out to dry.

Something as simple as choosing cold over hot water and avoiding using a dryer all the time saves a lot of energy. Next time you have to clean a load of laundry, keep this in mind.  

So, who’s ready to blast off into the world of sustainable superheroes? Add these simple tricks into your daily life and you will be well on your way. Easy as that! 

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