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Brands We Are Fangirling Over: You Spoke. We Listened.

Brands We Are Fangirling Over: You Spoke. We Listened.

There are loads of sustainable brands out there right now that we think deserve a moment of praise. Companies that are holding themselves accountable to ensure a positive impact on environment and community should: 

1) be the norm

2) have a good ol' pat on the back every now and again.

They're doing good work, the least we could do is talk about it.

We reached out to those of you who follow us on our Instagram to see what brands you think used their platform for a real force of good this year. You got back to us with some of your faves, and we wanted to wrap up 2020 with a list of the brands you all love, plus some more!  

Merna Maita

This year Merna Maita decided to shift design practices of their jumpsuits, dresses, and jackets to make masks. With each mask purchased by customers, masks were donated to frontline workers. That's what we call, shapeshifting.  


Allbirds donated 50,000 shoes to healthcare workers this year. On top of that, their shoe materials (ex: sheep's wool) uses 60% less energy than materials used in processes for synthetic shoes. 

Namaste Solar

This is a certified B Corp and employee-owned cooperative. This Colorado solar company is changing solar power businesses to follow guidelines that are genuinely made for the community. People could look to Namaste Solar to understand that business doesn't always have to be about making profit but is also about customer/employee satisfaction,  community engagement and environmental impact. 


Pela is all about creating a waste-free future. After noticing plastic waste at the beach with his family in Hawaii in 2010, Founder, Jeremy Lang made it his mission to create eco-friendly, everyday products. Pela makes non-plastic and sustainable phone cases. When it comes to developing products with environmentally-friendly materials, Pela encourages us to look at products we use every day and re-imagine how they're made. 

All Good 

We love All Good because they're based out of Morro Bay and that's close to home for us. We also love All Good because their lotions, sunscreens, salves and other products are made with premium organic ingredients. As a certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet company, their business model encourages good practices. Last but certainly not least, they went carbon neutral this year. A+ work! 


Reformation is famously known for its effort of sustainable practices within the fashion world. Their transparent practices called the "RefScale" holds the company's environmental footprint accountable. They design many chic dresses and attire, but more impressively they have been a carbon neutral company since 2015. Gasp! Go, Reformation. Go! They're continuously working to hopefully become climate-neutral and restore resources they use throughout their manufacturing of products. 


Topo Designs

Topo Designs offers a product-repair program which allows customers to see how they can upcycle some of their favorite items for longer use. As a way to give back to their Colorado community, they created the Maintain Act Protect (MAP) Initiative. Plus, they make great use of vibrant colors!   

United by Blue 

If you're a happy camper or you have no interest in sleeping in a tent, everyone can find something they love at United by Blue, an outdoor-oriented apparel and gear store. United by Blue was formed with the binding interest of loving all our world's blues (aka all our waterways and oceans). When United by Blue was created, they pledged to remove a pound of trash from the Earth's oceans or waterways for every product they sell. So far, they've removed over 3.5 million pounds of trash. 

Avocado Mattress 

People can rest more easily when they have the satisfaction of doing the right thing; in other words, you'll sleep better on an avocado mattress. This mattress company commits themselves to making their products with organic materials such as cotton and wool and is climate-neutral certified. In 2020, they began to make face masks for medical workers. What can't they do?!  

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