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Ocean Organizations You Should Know About

Ocean Organizations You Should Know About

The climate crisis revolves around our oceans. 70 percent of earth is covered in ocean, and most life on earth depends on our oceans for things like regulating climate and absorbing carbon dioxide. While there is so much work to be done in regards to protecting our oceans and coasts, we have outlined just a few of the organizations using their platform as a force for positive change amongst our world’s waterways. 


The Surfrider Foundation is on a mission to fight against plastic pollution and advocate for  clean water, fair beach access and coastal preservation. From local beach cleanups to advocating for enacting policy to combat climate change, Surfrider has a multitude of ways for people to get involved. It has 176 chapters and clubs around the nation, so if you’re interested be sure to find a chapter near you. 


Founded in 2001, Oceana is on a mission to protect the oceans on a global scale. From issues like wasteful fishing practices to the threat of oil drilling, Oceana looks for solutions to restore the oceans. Learn more on their website about the vision, campaigns and how you can get involved. 


4ocean sells sustainably-made clothing and accessories. Here’s the twist: for every one item sold, 4Ocean promises to remove one pound of trash from the ocean. Since 2017, they’ve removed 13,056,393 pounds of trash from the ocean. Visit their website to learn more on how you can be a part of their clean ocean movement and add more pounds removed to their ongoing count. 


The Rob Machado Foundation was founded on the belief that young people are the stewards of our planet and our oceans. It started with wanting to bring environmental education and awareness to kids. The Rob Machado Foundation provides trash and recycling solutions to schools, local beach cleanups, and surf events. Some of the programs the Rob Machado Foundation has implemented so far include clean water stations at schools, beach cleanups, and trash and recycling innovations in high-needed spaces. To learn more about volunteer opportunities and the mission, visit their website. 

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