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Tips to Green Your Home Life

Tips to Green Your Home Life

What if we told you that you could help save the environment all from your living room couch? We know it seems like nothing can be that simple, but believe us when we say that you can be a champion of the planet all by adopting these habits at home. That's right, get cozy on your sofa and prepare to green your home life. 

We're constantly looking to add to this list—please don't hesitate to let us know if you know of a sweet tip that we didn't include! 

1. All of the Lights

Use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting as it’s proven to last longer. 

Open up your blinds and get a load of all that natural sunlight! We could all use some more of that. 

Don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room. If you really need that extra reminder, put notes to turn off your lights by your light switch. 

2. Energy Saver 

Choose wild energy. We can get behind energy that is friendly to wildlife. 

If it's in your budget, you should look into solar panels. 

If you can, use electrical appliances instead of natural gas. 

3. Having friends over for dinner? 

If you invest in a pressure cooker, you can reduce your cooking time and energy use by 70 percent. 

Use eco-friendly, sustainable cooking utensils and gadgets made with bamboo, molded bamboo, or stainless steel. Bamboo is stronger and more durable than most wood, and bamboo forests replenish themselves faster than tree/wood forests. Plastic utensils along with melamine utensils are known to leak chemicals when exposed to heat, contaminating food and potentially causing health issues. Check out Our Kitchen Collection

Cover your food when cooking on the stove– this traps heat and saves energy.

Save energy spent on refrigeration. If there is empty space in your refrigerator or freezer, stuff it with crumpled newspaper or full water bottles (try to avoid the plastic ones). This improves cooling and saves electricity and money.

4. Temperature Control 

Put on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning on the heating. Doubling up on your socks or wearing a beanie does wonders!

Open a window, and let a cool breeze in when you need air in the evenings.

4. Unplug Devices 

Unplug small appliances after use, like your kitchen aid mixer, your toaster, etc. Even when they aren’t in use, they are still using up power – better yet, use a power strip! You can turn everything off all at once and unplug the power strip!

Turn off your computer when you're not using it.

Unplug workstations from ports overnight to reduce phantom power.

5. Go secondhand 

If you do need to buy new appliances, try and look at second hand first. 

Look around for second hand items like clothing, furniture, toys, books, etc. You know what they say, one person's treasure is another's garbage. There are loads of avenues to purchase second hand; start searching. 

6. Ditch your bin liner 

Ditch your bin liner or use a repurposed item (newspaper, old grocery bags) instead. 

7. Declutter smart

When decluttering, declutter smart. Donate what is still usable, recycle what you can, and limit what ends up in landfill

8. Burn Baby Burn

Burn soy wax candles. Paraffin wax candles leave chemical fumes in your home. 

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