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We are a Czech company. However, the idea of Frusack was born in the summer of 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, a city that inspires you and fills your head with fresh ideas. One of those ideas was to start living a healthier life. Simple as that. This brings us to a point where Hana started running, exercising and also buying A LOT OF fresh fruits and vegetables. She instantly felt better - yet there was one thing bugging her. She was also bringing home A LOT OF plastic produce bags every time she went to the supermarket. Aren’t they just unnecessary? Isn‘t there a reusable alternative to replace them? She started to look for it – and realized there wasn’t. When you hear a true calling in your life, it‘s very easy to bring your ideas to reality. Especially when you see the environment struggling and the oceans turning into a trashcan. This is when Hana teamed up with her friend Tereza. They had a passion to share and a true cause to fulfill. A company was founded in March 2016 in Czech Republic, Prague. A company that believes in a better tomorrow and the power of individuals. This could be the whole point of our story – but it isn‘t! Making a reusable produce bags sounds simple. And it would be, if Hana and Tereza decided to make the bags from oil-based plastics. But doesn’t that sound like a halfhearted solution? It does, doesn’t it? Yes. Hana and Tereza decided to make the bags as sustainable as possible and developed a fabric that is not only light and durable, but also compostable. It wasn’t easy. Or fast. But it was worth it! Frusack is not only reusable. It leaves no trace when being disposed of. And this makes Frusack unique. Worldwide.

Where They Call The Shots

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How They Sort It Out

Returns, exchanges, shipping. The whole nine yards.
We accept returns and exchanges for unused, items with tags and labels attached up to 14 business days of the day the order was placed. Refunds will be issued within 14 days of receiving the unused item. For any questions, please contact
Read the return policy for more info!
We now ship 100% CARBON NEUTRAL. All orders are shipped from our headquarters in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.
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