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GR8 Skincare

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Mission Statement

We are a skincare company dedicated to creating cruelty-free products that combine scientific and natural ingredients in a safe, skin-healthy way. We know that starting an efficient skincare routine early will protect and provide healthy skin in the long term

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There were two compelling events. First, both my father and my sister had melanoma, and my family moved to Miami when my two boys were young. One son has red hair, and they are both fair. They were in the sun a lot, and I was looking for a decent sunscreen for them to use. Wherever I looked on the shelves of stores it was just chemicals, chemicals, chemicals, and I wanted something that didn’t alter the structure or the physiology of their skin; I wanted something that would just lay on the skin and protect it from the sun. So I started my initial product line by making a sunscreen without chemicals and with lots of anti-oxidants. That took a long time because being a physician from another country, this was all new to me and manufacturing is a beast of its own! By the time the sunscreen morphed into something decent, my boys started breaking out. There I was again, looking for products for their breakouts, and I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have a ton of unnecessary, unwanted chemicals. Hence, the products for younger skin that breaks out. The second compelling event was that I was doing anti-aging lectures at Canyon Ranch, and all the women there would say “Okay great, we get it, we know what we need to use, but - what can we use for our teenagers? My son is miserable with his dried out skin. What can I get for my daughter who is at college? She doesn’t know what to use and she doesn’t want to use my products or kids’ products. What is out there for her that’s got clean ingredients and will protect and nourish her skin?” On top of that, every time I spoke to somebody, they had an ‘aha’ moment when I said why I was creating this line for these reasons. So I realized I needed to make basic skincare education available to everyone and a product line that was rooted in education.

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