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Mission Statement

We consider the cork tree to be the perfect representation of how we can provide the world with beauty and luxury all while being ethical and sustainable .

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Liore's was founded in 2017 by American artist & entrepreneur Lee Green while living in Portugal. Lee set out on a journey seeking to gain perspective, knowledge, and wisdom from cultures around the world. On that journey he began to see and understand the importance of preserving the earth's natural resources. "Before I left the United States I had never really thought so much about my impact on the environment", says Lee. "As I began to travel more and discover more of myself I began to find the beauty in all of life's creation. It's only natural to want to preserve it for the next generation to come. I consider it to be amongst the most selfless acts", says Lee. Liore's represents that state of internal beauty , that selfless giving, like an act from a mother to a child. Thats what sustainability is all about to us.

Where They Call The Shots

Here's where their headquarters are located.

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Returns, exchanges, shipping. The whole nine yards.
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