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About Our Company

We're building our business so that everyday people can be extraordinary champions of social and environmental change.

Our mission is to empower people and organizations to make the future good through education, community, and sustainable shopping. We envision a world that values the environment and all of humankind equally and acts accordingly.

Our Story

The Future is Good sprouted with a vision to connect people with the world they want to see. In the spring of 2018 our CEO and founder, Garrett Perkins, found himself with a lot of time to think. He was walking on the Camino de Santiago Portugues, from Lisbon to Santiago, alone. Over his walk, he routinely mulled over the questions of how we reduce our collective environmental impact and how we can give people the resources needed to live and shop more sustainably. So as any backpacker with an idea would do, he jotted down a lot of notes! 

Upon returning from his pilgrimage, he landed a job improving equipment for a natural gas company. But something didn’t feel right. Every day walking into work was met with a slogan above the door that read “Sustainability in everything we do.” That did not sit well with him, so he decided to put all his energy into figuring out how to make “sustainability in everything we do” attainable to ordinary people like you. He brought his plans to mentors and community resources, and gradually The Future Is Good was born. So began the odyssey of our team of quirky personalities coming together to make the world a better place for us all to live in.  

Our Team

Meet The FIG wigs. We’ve got software engineers, graphic designers, business developers, content creators, and marketing masterminds all putting their wonderful brains together in an effort to make our platform the best it can be. When we’re not working, you can most likely find us enjoying the outdoors whether that be surfing, backpacking or taking one of our furry friends on a walk.  

Garrett Perkins

CEO, Founder

Garrett started The Future is Good after having some radical reflection time on the Camino de Santiago. He returned from his travels determined to make this comprehensive platform we all know and love as The FIG. He’s a lifelong environmentalist that holds this company near and dear to his heart. When Garrett’s not three cups of coffee deep into work mode (aka: saving the world), he’s either shredding waves, jamming on one of the many instruments he plays or herding goats on his farm with his family and friends. 


Phoebe Townsend, THE FIG brand communications Manager

Phoebe Townsend

Communications Connoisseur
When Phoebe’s not trying to beat all-time record speeds at completing New York Times crosswords, she’s giggling at our All-Hands meetings. She helps oversee copy on our website, drafts marketing campaigns and advertisements, and works with all things having to do with words on our socials and site. If you really want to get her stoked and talking up a storm, just ask her about her top five albums of all time—she’s a real music nerd!


Sean Thompson

Product Selection Prodigy

Being raised in the Rockies, Sean cultivated a deep love for mountain sports like skiing. He has been a part of The FIG from the early days, so he is a jack of all trades. Sean has done all kinds of things from social media to design, but his main task now is product selection. Every brand on The FIG has been vetted through him. He’s like our personal bouncer but a lot more friendly! 


Jack Craig

Development Team Lead

Jack hails from Northern California where he was raised on treehouses, science experiments, and river trips. When he’s not frolicking in the mountains of the backcountry, you can find him trying to solve the most complicated puzzles of the interwebs. He enjoys building digital interfaces just as equally as building a better world, so he merged his two passions of the environment and digital development at The FIG.


Sally Clark

Marketing Mastermind

Sally might be the kindest person in all of the Central Coast land. Her smile is contagious from even miles away. Sally hails from a small town with only one stop sign, but there’s no stopping her big ideas and dreams for the future of the world. She’s our in-house marketing researcher and likes to put together her knowledge of both marketing and statistics to formulate the greatest strategies for content and other marketing efforts. 


Hannah Lee

Graphic Design Genius

Hannah works to instill and create a strong visual brand for The FIG. If she’s not staring at her computer screen playing around with shapes and colors for our visual content, she’s probably basking under the sun or spraining her foot surfing. She has a track record of spraining her ankle every spring...we bid her good riddance in the upcoming seasons.


Ethan Grebmeier

Web Development

Ethan is from the mile high city of Denver. He is one of our web developers which means he has delved into the depths of coding and travelled to where only few have travelled before. He may be one of the only people on this planet that can truly explain what The Cloud really means. He’s constantly working to make our platform an easy and pleasant experience for our lovely FIG community. When he’s not working on our web development, he’s strumming his guitar. He might even be the next Eric Clapton. 


Want to learn more? Reach out to us and we'll be in touch.