Certification List

Certification List

Environmental Impact

Our planet is suffering due to human impact—see climate change, mass extinction, and extensive deforestation. Criteria in this category centers on improving our ecosystems, low carbon emissions, and sustainable materials.

A Cradle to Cradle certification is an in-depth look into how a company produces their product, uses resources, and treats people. Their categories involve material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness. Find out more here.

This product is known to be completely compostable. That means it can completely degrade in landfills over a relatively short period of time. Being compostable is incredibly important as this product leaves no toxic chemicals in our soils and does not pollute our lands and oceans.

Plastics can take thousands of years to degrade and often leave harmful chemicals in our soils and water. Not to mention they are a product of oil which is a large cause of climate change. Products with this badge are completely plastic free!

Companies that are certified One Percent For The Planet donate at least one percent of their total profits towards environmental conservation. This awesome organization helps pair companies with nonprofits from around the world and they are a leader in ecological conservation. Read more more here.

Labor Rights

Sweatshops and underpaid labor should be a thing of the past, and workers in the United States should be paid a living wage. Criteria under this category focuses on how laborers are treated, what working conditions they operate in, and what benefits their employers provide.

Fair Trade is a certification that focuses on the workers and suppliers of a company. The full certification involves empowerment, environmental stewardship, and individual and community well being. Find out more here.

B-Corp is a certification that judges a company's governance, treatment of workers, interaction with their communities, impact on the environment, and how they treat their customers. A company that is B-Corp Certified has been vetted thoroughly and all of the scores can be found here.

Animal Rights

Animals matter, too! Unfortunately, many of them are abused or exploited to make consumer goods. The criteria in this category focuses on companies that are cruelty free or are helping animals thrive.

Leaping Bunny is a certification for cruelty free practices in manufacturing of products. Cruelty free means that no animals anywhere in the world were harmed in the making of the product. Leaping Bunny is the ‘gold standard’ for cruelty free certification. More about what goes into the certification can be found here.

This product has been certified by PETA for cruelty free practices. To see what goes into their certification click here.

Community Impact

We believe that businesses should be forces for good in the communities they operate in. Criteria in this category center around nurturing community, helping marginalized groups, and ensuring people are not left behind.

Having a company manufacture products in our home country is incredibly important as they follow the same laws we do, employ local people, and are not shipping overseas. This product was made in the USA.

Product Composition

You wouldn’t want to put bad chemicals into your body or into the planet, would you? This category focuses on what goes into each product, and the criteria reflects a more natural, chemical-free approach to everyday products.

This product is certified organic by the USDA. That means that the agriculture or livestock that is used in this product was grown or raised using organic practices. What does organic mean? It means that plants were grown without the use of synthetic insecticides, man-made fertilizers, and, typically, without GMO’s. For livestock, this means the animals were raised without feed additives such as steroids. Find out more here.

The Environmental Working Group is an organization that believes that all products should be created healthy and safe. A company that is EWG Verified believes in transparency, avoids chemicals that are bad for people and the planet, and uses good manufacturing practices. Find out more here.

Skin products can sometimes have harmful chemicals in them that can damage reefs and corals after people swim in our oceans. Products that are considered reef safe do not use synthetic chemicals that could damage reef life or aquatic environments.

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