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Company Overview

We are a comprehensive sustainability-centric community and marketplace that allows visitors to shop sustainable products, learn about social and environmental issues, and join a community of people excited about building a good future, together.

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What we offer:

  1. Shop: Our marketplace connects visitors to a wide variety of ethical products from brands that share their same values. The My FIG values score allows you to easily vet products based on how they line up with your own personal values.
  2. Education: We provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more on a variety of topics related to sustainability through the FIG blogs, resource recommendations and current news updates. 
  3. Community: Our community forum connects FIG members with like-minded people who are working to make a difference. 
  4. Rewards: Customers can earn rewards such as ten dollars of store credit or a 1 ton of carbon offset by engaging with any aspect of our site whether that be shopping, reading articles, or posting on our community forum. 

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History of the company:

Our Story

The Future is Good sprouted with a vision to connect people with the world they want to see. In the spring of 2018 our CEO and founder, Garrett Perkins, found himself with a lot of time to think when he was walking on the Camino de Santiago. He routinely mulled over the questions of how we reduce our collective environmental impact and how we can give people the resources needed to live and shop more sustainably. So as any backpacker with an idea would do, he jotted down a lot of notes! 

Upon returning from his pilgrimage, he landed a job improving equipment for a natural gas company. But something didn’t feel right. Every day walking into work was met with a slogan above the door that read “Sustainability in everything we do.” That did not sit well with him, so he decided to put all his energy into figuring out how to make “sustainability in everything we do” attainable to ordinary people like you and me. He brought his plans to mentors and community resources, and gradually The Future Is Good was born. So began the odyssey of our team of quirky personalities coming together to make the world a better place for us all to live in.  

Mission: To empower people and organizations to make the future good through education, community, and sustainable shopping.
Vision: To bridge the gap between people and the world they want to see.

Our Timeline: 

  1. Spring 2018: Concept of The FIG is born
  2. Summer 2019: Accepted into Cal Poly Accelerator Program
  3. November 15, 2019: Site launches for first time as Ethic Marketplace
  4. Summer 2020: Ethic Marketplace changed to The Future Is Good and product re-envisioned
  5. November 16, 2020: The Future Is Good officially launches. 
Quick Facts: 
    1. Homebase located in San Luis Obispo
    2. 8 extraordinary team members comprised of entrepreneurs, web developers, content creators and more.

Contact Information: 

Address:  872 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo CA 93401
Phone Number: 805-423-4236