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Choose how you are rewarded. Options include $10 in store credit or a 1 ton carbon offset

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Here are our current rewards. When you’ve collected enough points, click on a reward to redeem it.

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How can I earn rewards points?

We reward you for all of the things you do on The FIG. Below, we break down specific actions you can take to boost your reward points.

Earn points with each purchase

Spending $1 on The FIG earns you 8 points towards redeemable rewards.

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Earn points with swaps

Start and build your collection of sustainable alternatives. Earn double points on products that replace their high-impact counterparts.

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We love sharing what we’re learning with you. Read up on our latest content and earn 6 reward points per article. Leave a thoughtful comment to triple your rewards.

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Viewing your points

There are two different ways of measuring points: experience and rewards.

Anatomy of experience points

Your progress bar shows your experience points.

This is where you can keep track of your FIG level and check how many points you need to unlock more reward options.

Your experience points are your overall point balance and are not all redeemable points.

Anatomy of rewards points

Your profile shows your rewards points.

This is where you can see how many redeemable points you have.

Rewards points are spendable and do not subtract from your experience points.

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