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But really, it’s this easy. YOU, yeah we’re talking to you. You have the power to offset literally 1/20th of your carbon footprint (if yours is anything like the average US citizen) as many times as you want just by using The FIG. Pretty cool, huh? 


This does mean:

If you used The FIG most days of the year, bought most of your essential products off of the FIG, and somehow still produced the average Annual Carbon Footprint of the average American, you would be able to buy enough of these to offset your total carbon footprint.

This does not mean:

That you should go climate-hero crazy and not worry about your impact. Carbon offsets generally take time to take effect, so limiting your current impact is still important. 

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Fig Value:
Calculation Breakdown:

Each product has individual impact-based metrics that correspond to each of the five following categories.

  • Environmental Impact
  • Labor rights
  • Animal rights
  • Community impact
  • Product Composition

A product can score 20 possible points in each category for a total of 100 points. Point distribution is based on how many metrics/certifications are met for each category. For each metric:

  • If a product meets the requirement, it will positively impact its total score.
  • If a product does not meet the requirement, it will negatively impact its total score.
  • If a metric is unrelated to the product, it is factored out of the calculation and has a neutral impact on its total score.
Where You Come In:

If you have set your My FIG Values in your account settings, our base FIG Value score will be joined with your FIG Values preferences to calculate a personalized weighted score. If you care more about one impact category over another, those associated criteria will play a larger part in determining the final My FIG Values score.

Our goal is to create a scoring system that helps you better see how different products match up to the values you care about! Be sure to set up your FIG Values preferences here.

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Environmental Impact

Labor Rights

Product Composition

Community Impact

Animal Rights

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The Future Is Good

San Luis Obispo, CA

Benefit Corporation


We built our platform so that everyday people can be extraordinary champions of social and environmental change. We aspire to help build a world that values the environment and all of humankind equally, and built The FIG as a tool for guiding and enabling action with regard to these values.



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All sales of FIG gift cards and Carbon Offsets are final.

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My FIG Values

Use our short questionnaire to tell us what areas of sustainability matter most to you. We use your answers to score all of our products and provide you with personalized recommendations, allowing you to live your values and easily buy from companies that you believe in.

Please select how much you identify with each statement shown.

Community Impact

Environmental Impact

Product Composition

Animal Rights

Labor Rights

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