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Use The FIG, earn rewards, make a positive impact
Use The FIG, earn rewards, make a positive impact
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Krypton TW True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Fig Value: ?

Fig Value: ?
Calculation Breakdown:

Each product has individual impact-based metrics that correspond to each of the five following categories.

  • Environmental Impact
  • Labor rights
  • Animal rights
  • Community impact
  • Product Composition

A product can score 20 possible points in each category for a total of 100 points. Point distribution is based on how many metrics/certifications are met for each category. For each metric:

  • If a product meets the requirement, it will positively impact its total score.
  • If a product does not meet the requirement, it will negatively impact its total score.
  • If a metric is unrelated to the product, it is factored out of the calculation and has a neutral impact on its total score.
Where You Come In:

If you have set your My FIG Values in your account settings, our base FIG Value score will be joined with your FIG Values preferences to calculate a personalized weighted score. If you care more about one impact category over another, those associated criteria will play a larger part in determining the final My FIG Values score.

Our goal is to create a scoring system that helps you better see how different products match up to the values you care about! Be sure to set up your FIG Values preferences here.

Fig Value: ?
Description + Features:
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Environmental Impact

Labor Rights

Product Composition

Community Impact

Animal Rights

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Upland, California

Benefit Corporation


When XACTLY was just an outline of an idea, we knew one thing: we wanted to create something intuitive. Something instantly comfortable at first touch and that transcends boundaries, connecting us as travelers, as adventurers, and as humans. As a premium lifestyle brand with a social goodness mission, XACTLY is redefining what it means to do successful business. We started XACTLY as a way to love by what we do. Which is our way of saying, we want to spend our lives being courageous and doing things that make this world better. We want the same for you: to love by what you do, to do a whole lot of it, and to have XACTLY what you need along the way. We’ve taken the time to define journey challenges, only to conquer them -- helping you accomplish whatever it is you’re setting out to do. We’ve figured out the How of the journey, so you can focus on the Why.


Return Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied by your new XACTLY product. If you are not satisfied for any reason you may return or exchange your product at no charge within 30 days of purchase.

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