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Rugged durability meets versatile styling in the Denim Navy Blue Belt by Jelt. With its super-strong elastic that stretches to move with you, it’s built to hold up to active pursuits. The inner grippy gel even makes it possible to wear without belt loops, so it works with any pair of pants or shorts in your wardrobe. This women’s and men’s navy belt features a unisex design and an especially lightweight feel. The flat belt buckle maintains a streamlined look with zero buckle bulge, and the 100% metal-free design means you can move effortlessly through airport TSA security. From high-impact activities like hiking, biking and skiing to more relaxed days, this men’s and women’s navy belt keeps your pants on and in place while keeping your comfort level high. Choose Jelt’s Denim Navy Blue Elastic Stretch Belt to get a versatile accessory that suits your lifestyle.
  • Unisex belt made for women and men
  • Super-strong stretchy elastic waist belt 
  • Non-slip, grippy inner gel holds on tight and keeps the belt in place
  • Flat, no-show belt buckle with an interlocking design 
  • Can be worn with or without belt loops
  • 100% cruelty-free, 100% vegan
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% non-metal and nickel-free
  • Elastic material made from recycled polyester yarn
  • Ideal belt for jeans or for any activity, like hiking, biking, skiing and golfing
  • Proudly made in Montana USA

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      Jelt Belt

      Bozeman, Montana

      Benefit Corporation


      Unique from all other belt companies, Jelt belts are made in Montana, USA with sustainable materials from recycled plastic bottles. Keep your pants on with this comfortable elastic stretch belt made without holes. The flat, no-show buckle is super low profile and invisible, to eliminate the unwanted buckle bulge under fitted or untucked shirts. The grippy inner gel holds on tight, keeps your pants in place and moves with you. Made with an eco-friendly high-quality elastic, from recycled plastic bottles. The perfect travel belt, because it’s hypoallergenic and 100% metal-free, which means it can be left on through security checkpoints. Trade in your closet full of uncomfortable belts for an incredibly comfortable Jelt belt that can go everywhere with you. You’ll forget you’re wearing a belt at all! Great for extended periods of sitting or activity. A belt that stays put, moves with you and won’t dig into your skin. Fits everyone with a versatile style. Made for both men and women. The size you choose depends on how tight you like to wear your belt and which part of your waist you are measuring. Available in a variety of colors and custom sizes. Fit guaranteed. Feel good about the belt you wear. 100% vegan and designed for maximum durability and strength, while lowering your carbon footprint. Jelt is a certified B Corporation, a certified woman-owned business and a partner of 1% for The Planet. Our belts are made in Montana, USA through programs that uplift people in need. A portion of every belt sale goes to organizations supporting veterans, kids and the environment.


      USA USA Made
      B-Corp B-Corp
      1% 1% for the Planet

      Return Policy

      Jelt stands behind its products 100%. We offer a free 30-day returns from the date of purchase on all products ordered through Returns will be refunded for the purchase price.

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