Zero Waste Bulk Eco Friendly Dish Soap Bars - Fresh Lemon

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I usually sell these dish bars in cotton bags of four, but I wanted to offer a zero waste option. These lemon fresh goodies in a quantity of 36 can arrive at your door simply wrapped in paper (Secure in a box for shipping, of course).

*Zero Waste
*Eco Friendly
*Plastic Free
*All natural
*Pure and simple
*No artificial colors or scents
*Scented only with pure lemon essential oil
*2.4+ oz per bar
*5 lb & 14 oz per order

If you have committed to washing dishes with bar soap for good, this option is for you. :)

This handmade vegan dish soap is non toxic, biodegradable, and mild. It is scented only with pure lemon essential oil. It really does make your hand washable dishes squeaky clean and shiny, and it releases a lovely fresh lemon scent when used. When you use your(lightly) soapy rag to clean your counters and stove, you've also removed the need for a spray cleaner, which makes it a great help for tiny space living. (On shiny surfaces, wipe again with a rinsed rag, or it will leave streaks.)

It was already eco friendly and plastic free, and now you can get it in larger quantities at a discount!

These bars can also be used for making laundry detergent, for hand-washing laundry, and for treating clothing stains.

Rest assured. Unlike most dish soaps on the market, my handmade dish bar soaps contains no:

*Sodium lauryl or laureth sulphate
*Propylene glycol
*Artificial fragrances or colors

They are made with a few simple ingredients for the simple purpose of cleaning and they clean well.

What goes in:
Coconut oil
Distilled water
Pure lemon essential oil

(Then a reaction occurs)

What comes out:
All natural soap with fresh lemon scent

(There is no lye in any of my finished soaps.)

To use:
Place bar in a mug or bowl. Allow warm water to run over bar while sink fills. Remove bar and use it to lather a dish rag. Hand wash dishes as usual. While sink water drains, wipe sink with dish rag. (I keep soapy dish water even for dishes which will be placed in the dishwasher at a later time. They are noticeably cleaner when they come out of the dishwasher.)
In addition to being more natural, my dishes became noticeably cleaner when I switched from the leading dish liquid and started testing these bars for my hand-washed dishes.
One bar should last 8-10 sink loads

Title: 15 Bars - Lemon
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